Supporters / Thanks

Below are details of those people/businesses/organisations who have & continue to support me as I strive to run as fast as I can.


Charnwood Accountants

Charnwood logo PNG fileEverybody at Charnwood has been extremely supportive from the moment I started with the firm in 2015. Being able to change my hours to an early start/early finish have been a huge help in enabling me to train well in the evenings, together with flexibility around racing commitments have been a big help.

Having colleagues genuinely interested in my running makes a real difference.

Family & friends

Finally, the most important of all – my family & friends! Too many to name, but a special mention to:

My wife Jo who has to put up with me resembling a zombie monged out on the sofa between runs most weekends, endless piles of running kit being washed & generally fitting ‘normal’ life around my training & racing.

Mum & Kini, Emma & the boys – by biggest fans regularly travelling around the country & throughout Europe to cheer me on.

Andy McNeill, my coach for the last four years & the guy cracking the whip! A great help with my progression & another who believes I am capable of further significant improvement. Our relationship works well & Andy’s training methods fit well with the type of training I have adapted to over the years.


Previous supporters

Radmoor Centre / Loughborough College

Radmoor Health Fitness Logo Loughborough College small logo


Many thanks to Chris Power & Radmoor Health & Fitness for their support in providing me with Gym & Spa Membership to enable me to continue to undertake the supplementary exercise needed to keep me ‘on the road’! Additional assistance through sports massage, Bodpod access & training kit is also hugely beneficial in helping in training & racing.

Charnwood Sports

ActiveCharnwood_logo_HZ_RGBThanks to Active Charnwood for their £250 Sports Talent Grant for the 2017 season. The funds enabled me to commit to an early season 12 day training camp.

Press release – announcing award of grant

Details of grants & funding available

Pasta Foods Ltd

Pasta Foods Ltd logo A much appreciated delivery of several weeks supply of pasta, especially helpful as my culinary repertoire is predominantly Italian influenced!

Pasta Foods Ltd is the only UK dried pasta and snack pellet manufacturer. They supply into some of biggest food companies across the globe and have a wealth of expertise to assist in any visions you may have.

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