Distance runner representing Notts AC.

Having started with a ballot entry for the London Marathon in 2009 & running 3:09 off a very sparse training plan I joined a club with the aim of getting under 3 hours… Some more structured training followed & I quickly knocked some substantial chunks off my marathon & half marathon times, going straight to 2:43/78, & then to 2:31/73 before things started to get a bit harder!

Following some reasonable success over the last few years, I’m now focussing fully on reaching my potential & ultimately getting my marathon time to a level where I will be in a position to represent England as well as having a time that I can be happy with when (gulp!) I do start to plateau & ultimately slow down as age catches up with me.

Aside from the running (which takes up most of my time) I’m married to Jo – who herself has a 3:07 marathon personal best – & regularly go out for a romantic Friday evening run together… I earn a living around the running by counting beans, & we’re generally known to go on holiday fairly regularly!

3 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Good luck!

    if you fancy a place in the Greater Manchester Marathon then give me a shout. A good field is coming together with a few sub 2.20 men already in.


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