A quick update after a pleasing month given what I’d gone through since October!

I was able to get to the Midlands 12 Stage with my hamstring sufficiently recovered to confidently race, albeit completely unfit! Regardless of fitness I was as usual really looking forward to the relays however with it snowing all day, gale force winds & a ‘real feel’ temperature of -6c my enthusiasm was gone by about 10am! Still after managing to tie my laces with frozen fingers it was good to get stuck in & clear the lungs out on what was basically a time trial on the 11th leg over 10 minutes behind third!

Several good sessions progressively quicker through the month & tempo runs similarly improving in terms of time & pace for heart rate/effort. These included a decent 3 mile time trial on the old faithful Wilne loop as I chased down Jo who was treated to her own ‘Breaking 2(0)’ pacers of Andy & the returning Rich Kay.

An easier week to start April before another marker this Saturday with a 5 mile time trial, & having shed a further 2kg+ the National 12 Stage shouldn’t be too embarrassing! With 6 weeks until Highgate Andy’s early optimism looks like it may have been well placed but I still won’t be pushing anything.

If you want it, make it happen

We’re all guilty of making excuses, some minor ones & some that have a greater impact on us & those close to us.

Through this period of rehabilitation from my hamstring injury my excuses have been in an attempt to justify missed exercises, stretching etc. But in reality I’m only kidding myself (& not very well either!) as it just delays when I get to my goal which at this stage is to return to full training. Continue reading

Goals & inspiration

I learned a long time ago not to set my sights on target races, times etc when sidelined through niggles or injury! However having learned that the hard way I also realised I needed to set myself some interim targets as well as longer term goals to aim for & ensure I retained my focus. Some people benefit from a complete break & enjoy the freedom from the routine of training. Continue reading