Bouncing back

After establishing that I can’t hurdle & don’t bounce particularly well I had to endure just over a week of excruciating & continuous pain before contemplating any form of cross training. All this just as I was pushing on & looking forward to the really hard marathon specific training! Continue reading

June – a good start

June was certainly a good start to the Berlin build up, running 475 miles at an average of 111 miles a week with some good quality in there from sessions & races even if the times weren’t quite what I would have liked.

I enjoyed being able to do some shorter races & it’s certainly good to keep something much faster than marathon pace in the training so it feels relatively comfortable come September! Continue reading

Racing to stay sharp (mind & body)

After last Friday’s decent race but poor time I was pleased to roll on into this week feeling in good shape & looking forward to a couple of 5000’s on the track! For the rest of this month there is no plan to get into the really high mileage & having a couple of races within the week certainly helps ensure that. Still I’ve averaged 110mpw for the last month, so not exactly low on miles! Continue reading

W/C 12/6/17 – Routine

Counting last week as the start of my Berlin build up it felt good to be back approaching my normal routine. There’s no harm in change & I’m not obsessive about any one aspect of my training but over a period of several weeks there are certain things I know I need to do in order to get the best fitness gains – most of those were back last week, & the others will fall into place over the next couple of weeks. Continue reading