Week 2 – a big one

My first full week in St Moritz & after settling in well over the first few days it was time to crack on with some more quality running. With no shortage of company every run is different, either with another scenic route or a new person to run with & pass the time for the dreaded second run…every day! Continue reading

June – a good start

June was certainly a good start to the Berlin build up, running 475 miles at an average of 111 miles a week with some good quality in there from sessions & races even if the times weren’t quite what I would have liked.

I enjoyed being able to do some shorter races & it’s certainly good to keep something much faster than marathon pace in the training so it feels relatively comfortable come September! Continue reading

Racing to stay sharp (mind & body)

After last Friday’s decent race but poor time I was pleased to roll on into this week feeling in good shape & looking forward to a couple of 5000’s on the track! For the rest of this month there is no plan to get into the really high mileage & having a couple of races within the week certainly helps ensure that. Still I’ve averaged 110mpw for the last month, so not exactly low on miles! Continue reading

W/C 12/6/17 – Routine

Counting last week as the start of my Berlin build up it felt good to be back approaching my normal routine. There’s no harm in change & I’m not obsessive about any one aspect of my training but over a period of several weeks there are certain things I know I need to do in order to get the best fitness gains – most of those were back last week, & the others will fall into place over the next couple of weeks. Continue reading