Berlin Marathon – the race

16 weeks focussed on the 25th September 2016! After February’s bizarre knee issue put me behind I quickly decided April’s London marathon was too soon & attention turned to getting into reasonable shape for Highgate 10,000m in May before properly knuckling down for a full 16 week block through to Berlin. As detailed in my weekly training blogs it was a pretty good block of training, based on consistency & building towards the race rather than any particularly impressive sessions.

Having struggled with the cold in London 2015 we felt I’d ran a couple of minutes down on my fitness at the time, & this was really about coping with the training looking towards anything from 2:15 to 2:19 depending how I adapted through the weeks.

Racing well at Wilne off a long day on the Saturday a few weeks previous thoughts turned towards 2:17 or faster. Speaking with Andy through the week leading up to the race we agreed it could be anything from 2:15 to 2:19, & although sticking with 2:17 as a plan we agreed I’d run to feel & roll with whatever pace I dropped onto after 4-5 miles (a necessity as it turned out!). Anything from 5:10 to 5:15 minute miles would be fine to start. Continue reading

Wilne 10K

I run to race, so it’s hard to maintain focus through a marathon build up as the target race can seem so far away! Having said that, races take it out of you (mentally as much as physically) so I’ve been keen to back off from too much racing & have used low key races as specific sessions rather than actually racing them through my last couple of build ups which has worked well.

Wilne was pencilled in quite early as part of a strong weekend’s training with a view to being close to PB shape off another quality week’s training…& so it turned out! Continue reading

Another easy week (?!)

Within 4 weeks of race day now & just a couple more weeks of what I’d call proper training before easing off. I had the training for last week & this from Andy, finishing with Wilne 10K on Sunday 4th. We’ll catch up properly after the race & plan in the final week or so of training before looking at the taper in more detail & settling on a plan for race day which will include target times/splits. Continue reading

The Outlaw – Course Record

Just before the start of my Berlin prep Andy was contacted by Dan from Langdale Lightweights who were putting together a ‘Dream Team’ to represent the Karen Green Foundation with a view to setting a new course record at The Outlaw, having narrowly missed it in previous years. This is a long distnce (Ironman distance) triathlon with a 2.4M swim, 112M bike & 26.2M run based at Holme Pierrepont. As I’d be looking at 25-30 miles that day anyway with it being 9 weeks to Berlin we agreed we could fit this into my plan & settled on a ~2:30 agreed marathon time to bring the team home. So a hard training run rather than a race, but a weekend that warranted a separate post! Continue reading

Through the first minor blip

So the slight tightness in my knee became quite painful, & although still able to run it got progressively stiffer after & clearly wasn’t right. I therefore eased right off so as not to carry the issue further into a more important stage of the training. Plenty of self massage, mobilising the joint & generally being careful meant by Thursday afternoon I had a pain free run. Continue reading