Racing to stay sharp (mind & body)

After last Friday’s decent race but poor time I was pleased to roll on into this week feeling in good shape & looking forward to a couple of 5000’s on the track! For the rest of this month there is no plan to get into the really high mileage & having a couple of races within the week certainly helps ensure that. Still I’ve averaged 110mpw for the last month, so not exactly low on miles! Continue reading

W/C 12/6/17 – Routine

Counting last week as the start of my Berlin build up it felt good to be back approaching my normal routine. There’s no harm in change & I’m not obsessive about any one aspect of my training but over a period of several weeks there are certain things I know I need to do in order to get the best fitness gains – most of those were back last week, & the others will fall into place over the next couple of weeks. Continue reading

W/C 8/5/17 – The Wait is Almost Over

The last full week of hard work for a while! This week will see the hard training done with just a couple more sessions before hitting the two 10K’s & seeing what I can do – track & road PB’s being the minimum target! Highgate is the following Saturday (20th, live stream via Vinco), London 10K on Bank Holiday Monday (29th) & I’ll then take a recovery week to just tick over. The following Sunday marks 16 weeks to Berlin, & will also be a decent run out at the Ramathon as my annual guest appearance in the Thermo Fisher vest for Jo’s corporate team. That will finish my recovery week & it will then be into the specific block of training for Berlin, although looking to include several early season track races to compliment the increased volume & keep the speed in my legs! Continue reading


Jo was flying back home on the Saturday & I had another 5 days of training to knuckle down to! The plan was to continue the alternate hard days but having received an email from the organisers of the previous week’s Medio Maraton Torrevieja I started to have a quick scan online for any local races & the event organiser from Club Atletismo Benijófar got straight back to me on Friday saying I could still enter their race. Continue reading

An update post Berlin

Having beaten myself up after London 2015’s relative disappointment I made a conscious effort to reflect on the positives from Berlin to ensure I was in a good place to resume training with real focus once well rested.

There were many positives, with the main ones being:

  • Going inside 2:20 for the first time
  • Finishing relatively strongly again
  • A consistent & enjoyable build up

Continue reading