Overwhelming reaction, underwhelming race

Coming off the relief & satisfaction of going inside 30 minutes for 10K at Brighton last month it took a couple of weeks to get properly back into the swing of proper training! After a couple of weeks ticking over I was back into building the training back up with a view to ending May racing well at Birmingham & ultimately pushing on to be sharp to attack PB’s through June! Continue reading

April showers!

Spring is definitely taking some time to get started! People are used to taking a picnic to the Midlands 12 Stage but this year it snowed! Since then it’s rained nonstop & although miserable generally it has been relatively calm. As a runner I’ll take wet over windy most of the time but being greedy I just want it warm & still. Continue reading

Back to reality (& back to winning ways)!

So although the last few days in St Moritz didn’t pan out quite as planned following a slight trauma to my vastus medialis (inner quad muscle) caused by coming to an abrupt halt due to a car have no intention of slowing down, it did mean I was forced to take some rest from the high quantity & quality training of the previous few weeks. Everything sorted itself out for me to put in some fast strides late in the week before attacking Wilne on the Sunday. Continue reading