April showers!

Spring is definitely taking some time to get started! People are used to taking a picnic to the Midlands 12 Stage but this year it snowed! Since then it’s rained nonstop & although miserable generally it has been relatively calm. As a runner I’ll take wet over windy most of the time but being greedy I just want it warm & still.

Back to some more regular updates as training has started at last! Good initial progress through the first four week block culminating in a pleasing solo (& breezy) 5 mile time trial on the Wilne loop in 24:46. That was 6 weeks out from Highgate so a good confidence boost that if I can keep the consistency – 70-100mpw since December now – I should be looking at going faster than that over 10K come May.

And finally the sun made an appearance just in time for the National 12 Stage! So ignoring the debacle of a mass start for ALL men’s teams except the first 4 it was another thoroughly enjoyable day of racing & this felt like my first race back since September given the conditions for the Midlands a few weeks earlier. A late call to move up from a short leg to long (approximately 3M to 5.4M) & I was happy enough with 27:08 to move us from 11th to 7th on L9. Ultimately we were struggling as a team, finishing 11th & never threatening the medal positions. Another good run for Jo also on a long leg which bodes well for the next few months racing.

2018.04.14 12 Stage

It’s clear from Saturday’s racing photo that I definitely need the sun to stay with us to get some colour back!

Training is picking up now with some far more focussed sessions to push on as fitness continues to improve & everything looks promising for a good May. Given my time out & stage of training May will only provide a marker in terms of times & performance but with everything back in working order it will give good confidence for plenty of fast work & PB races through the summer as we look towards setting the autumn/winter targets.


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