The Long road back

A quiet time on the blogging side as it’s been a thoroughly boring time running wise! Seemingly endless easy/steady running for weeks on end alongside sticking to the rehab routine as much as possible!

So confession time – only fair given the last blog! I have let my rehab routine slip! Life has genuinely got in the way & all my time for exercise has been needed for running. Even just ticking along with mundane weeks of 70-90mpw has been enough to wipe me out given everything else going on.

I have stretched, rolled, exercised weekly but not every other day as I should/need to. However on the back of the Beast from the East & a rather unplanned but hugely satisfying 103 mile week this week is the first week back starting ‘proper training’. Given that I’m now pushing the pace & introducing sessions I need to be sure to plan in the other peripheral work needed to get me back to & then remain in full strength.

I have been able to build up a very solid base to work from & that will enable me to return to racing at the Midland 12 Stage on the 17th! It will only be a short leg & it definitely won’t be anything fast but I’m looking forward to being involved in a race again & having something to work from through the spring.

Still no specific racing plans & I’ll continue to consider options with Andy based on how I react to training rather than push the training to target a race/date. In the meantime please don’t judge me by my mediocre performance at Sutton Park next weekend – I’ll definitely enjoy lacing up the racing flats for the first time in 6 months & will have to accept that it will be a few more months before I’m anywhere near the level I want to be at.

All that being said, Highgate 10,000m  is THE event to be at in May so although by no means pinning my hopes on that it would be a huge bonus to reach a respectable level within 10 weeks & be able to race in that atmosphere again.

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