If you want it, make it happen

We’re all guilty of making excuses, some minor ones & some that have a greater impact on us & those close to us.

Through this period of rehabilitation from my hamstring injury my excuses have been in an attempt to justify missed exercises, stretching etc. But in reality I’m only kidding myself (& not very well either!) as it just delays when I get to my goal which at this stage is to return to full training.

These haven’t been big or ongoing excuses/reasons but there’s no doubt I have prioritised running over exercises. Of course there are only 24 hours in a day, so with 8-10 hours of work & then the recommended MINIMUM 8 hours sleep that leaves 6 hours for everything else. You need your priorities in order to ensure those 6 hours are well used!

There are plenty of blog posts out there from athletes in a similar position to me, juggling ‘normal’ life commitments & training to reach an aspirational goal with their own experiences, recommendations, pitfalls etc. Most of those (those worth reading anyway) have one thing in common – no excuses/blame culture. These people are focussing on what they want from the sport, the level of commitment required & how they will make it happen. They don’t dwell on it not being ‘fair’, having to compete with people with more/better resources, access to facilities or a perceived benefit of being full time.

I have a meeting every Wednesday morning that starts at 6.30am, the perfect ready made excuse to miss a morning run. Instead my alarm is set for 4am each week & I drag myself out the door for what is normally a fairly slow run, but if for any reason a Tuesday session is pushed back then it’s a strong espresso & on with the workout. No excuses & no claims to be a hero – I’m just doing it because it is part of me working towards what I want.

It is hard but it is very rewarding when you achieve one of your goals along the way. Mine is currently to resume training & having been able to pick up the pace of my running through the month while doing some rehab work – not enough, too many excuses but some I’m still adamant I can justify – I am looking forward to being able to tentatively start to introduce some faster work from the fist week of February. That’s the week I’d pencilled in, albeit without putting pressure or expectation on myself/my body & it will therefore feel great to have hit one of my own small targets along the way.

I’ve had to battle to keep the weight off having not trained properly for 3 months & that’s been another area where I could easily have used an excuse to crumble & hit the cakes, beer, cheese etc. I’m certainly not saying I’ve been a saint but I have somehow made it to the end of January in reasonable shape! I’ve had the odd treat, & by making myself accountable it has helped me to consider if I have earned a treat or if it is simply a case of me trying to justify it to myself – if the latter then I have been able to remain focussed & put it off until I’ve earned it.

We all hear people regularly talking about what they want & those who know me will recognise the eye rolling as I think to myself that I’ve heard the same thing many times before. Don’t be the one making excuses! Instead focus on making things happen & most importantly ensure you are making the things happen that you really want.

Now to spin it so that my Sunday afternoon nap isn’t an ‘excuse’ to Jo but rather a key part of the training towards the big goal! Wish me luck. 😉

Hopefully next month there will be some training to report on!

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