With my first significant period of injury enforced time off from running for several years this really is proving to be a test of patience!

After slowly returning to running three times after the initial injury & the subsequent recurrences I had to make the sensible call to take two complete weeks off running. The last two times everything had felt 100% pain free but there was clearly an underlying issue that needed more time to heel. So here goes, into week 2 & I’ll not be pushing my luck by ‘testing’ anything until the weekend.

So as boring & frustrating as it is I’m just ticking over, trying to maintain some sort of fitness while I continue to advance the strength & conditioning work concentrated around my left glute & hamstring area.

Ongoing massage from Sharon at the Radmoor Centre are helping, & highlighted tightness in my left calf. The feeling from my latest treatment was that the recurrence was being referred up from here rather than down from the hamstring.

A result of the left calf overworking to compensate for the glute/hamstring weakness on the same side – an issue previously identified by a gate analysis with Tony.

In the meantime another week in the gym it is. As long as I’m back to a reasonable level o running by the time I get to Spain next month I’ll be happy(ish). At least it gets me out of cross country for a few weeks.

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