Goals & inspiration

I learned a long time ago not to set my sights on target races, times etc when sidelined through niggles or injury! However having learned that the hard way I also realised I needed to set myself some interim targets as well as longer term goals to aim for & ensure I retained my focus. Some people benefit from a complete break & enjoy the freedom from the routine of training.

I’m not like that & after a few days ‘away’ my mind is set on getting back into the routine that training for specific races brings! So after my first significant enforced lay-off for some time following Berlin & the subsequent hamstring issues I’ve had to remind myself of (painful) lessons learned previously!

Hence no target races, stages of fitness or particular dates to resume what Andy & I would call training for the rest of 2017. But that wouldn’t be good for me & the way I work, nor would it help me to work through the rehab to ensure I’m in a good place mentally & physically to resume proper training when my body is ready. Hence a number of interim goals along the way.

There are all focussed on the smaller details that support the main training of running hard & often! These include:

  • Milestones regarding body composition
  • Commitment to & regularity of specific exercises & drills
  • Establishing routine & habits regarding specifics of recovery, sleep & nutrition
  • Accountability

These while continuing to progress my easy/steady run volume to 1hr/day before resuming training. There is plenty of detail in there to keep my mind occupied & it will all help to get me back quicker but also ensure I’m in a better place at the turn of the year to crack on & make sure I’m back better than ever in 2018 & beyond.

I have goals for next year but to even be able to set those as attainable I know I need to get on top of the detail in the interim goals so that habits are established before the serious training resumes.


A quick note on this & I’ve touched on it before. Being in direct contact, or associated with people achieving incredible things in your sport is inspirational for me. Living in Loughborough makes that easy but also means you’re unlikely to be the best runner on your street, let alone in town!

Maybe I have blind faith in my ability but most of the time I believe I can reach or exceed that level myself if I do everything required of me & also take the time to learn from them.

Surround yourself by good people!

Dewi Griffiths & Callum Hawkins – they’ve got to have inspired any aspirational elite/sub-elite distance runner in the UK recently!

Now to take that inspiration, learn from mistakes made by me & others, establish more good habits & keep the faith that the results will follow.

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