Radio Silence

Well despite all good intentions, the disappointment of my DNF in Berlin & subsequent hamstring issues has meant a longer than planned break between blog posts so here goes with a quick update on Berlin, the last month & most importantly what lies ahead.

Berlin – DNF

2017.09.24 Berlin DNF

Definitely summed up my mood!

After numerous setbacks, generally stemming directly or indirectly from busting my ribs early in the summer it was always a big ask but after some quality running in St Moritz ‘catching up’ with fitness & some decent training after I felt in good shape to run a PB in Berlin.

Ultimately though the various mishaps along the way found me out! I felt comfortable enough in the ~2:17 pack, keeping the pace honest through the early stages & glad to have the company of a couple of Brits along the way (Michael Kallenburg & Carl Hardman who both went on to run solid times that I’ve no doubt they’ll build on). I simply couldn’t get my glute firing & after about 50 minutes could feel my leg pulling through ‘limp’ & straining my hamstring, so reluctantly unless it suddenly woke up I knew I would have to call it a day after 25K to save doing further damage. Jo was at halfway so I stepped aside slightly earlier than planned. DNF & a long way to go for a half decent tempo run. No damage done, or so I thought…


Monthly mileage looked more like what I’d expect to do in a week, & pretty slow to boot! I was able to start back with some work on addressing my glute weakness for a couple of weeks before Berlin so got stuck into that to ensure I don’t carry the issue into 2018. Unfortunately that seemed to tighten up my glute & hamstring, that meant an unexpected & painful walk back after experiencing the a sudden & sharp pain behind my knee that immediately worked its was up my hamstring putting the whole top part of my leg into spasm. A long, slow & depressing 2 mile walk/hobble home… And a long wait  to get back running!

Another trip to see Tony for a checkup & to get a plan in place to put this issue behind me! No major issues identified, but  detailed exercise plan to follow to bring everything up to full strength. I suffered another similar pain so a further setback but by the end of the month I’m now back to some slow running & will be taking things very easily for a few weeks yet.

The support from The Radmoor Centre has been & will be invaluable as it’s been my second home recently & will be for the next few weeks!

The rest of the year

Certainly not a vintage year! The optimist in me hopes I’ve done a good job of getting all issues out the way in one year. So 2017 is now complete as far as targets & racing are concerned. My focus is on getting back to easily managing an hour of running a day at a reasonable but not fast pace – by the end of November – so that I have a decent base level of fitness before I go back to Spain. I’ve set some interim targets to give me something to focus on, but these aren’t specifically running related & instead look at the supplementary exercises & other areas such as drills, routine, conditioning etc.

So by December I should have a great base to build from!

  • Fully functioning glutes & hamstrings
  • Reasonable fitness
  • Lean, strong & well conditioned
  • Routine

I’m looking forward to putting in some good early training with the sun on my back as I work my way round the trails of the Costa Blanca. After a poor year I still have time to start 2018 from the best position I’ve ever been to start the build up to London in April with the European Championships qualification standard of 2:16 at the forefront of my mind throughout (& printed in bold next to my laptop to remind me every day at work!).

Keep believing!


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