A long wait to feel good

A pretty unrelenting week trying to nurse my VMO back to 100% as it continued to niggle away! I was able to run most mornings & it generally fel fine but would stiffen up through the day meaning just cross training in the afternoon. I shifted my session from Thursday to Friday & although I felt rubbish (just generally slow/heavy legged) I was totally pain free & running properly.

Mon 4/9 – XT. Took the decision not to aggravate the VMO after yesterday’s hard effort.

Tues – 5M Relaxed + XT

Weds – 5M Stead + XT

Thurs – 5M S + XT

Fri – 5M S / 9M Session + XT, eventually managing to get some decent speed to finish but nothing special.

Sat – 12M Easy

Sun – 20M Inc 16M @ 5:15mm feeling comfortable. AND VMO pain free throughout.

Total 60M + 7 3/4hrs cross training.

At least the week ended well! Otherwise it was tough going as each day felt better only to feel things not being quite right by mid afternoon. VMO has been pain free at <6mm so I was pleased everything felt fine on Saturday easy run.

Sunday was the last marathon simulation run, aiming for 5:15mm pace for 15-20 miles depending on feel, reaction etc. Company was very welcome in the form of Rob Keel (aim <2:23 Berlin), Josh Bull (aim to get fit!), Mike Coltherd (aim Robin Hood HM & Manchester HM) & Andy on his bike. Rob set off 2 minutes before us & planned to run at ~5:30mm pace so would be our hare for 8 miles if we were all on pace – it was a long time before we saw him on the Wilne loop, & an equally long time to reel him in when we did catch sight of him!

We were straight up to pace & ticking off the miles reasonable comfortably. I was pleased to feel good & like there was more in the tank if I wanted it. My leg did start to stiffen up just as Josh & I approached the half marathon point – not a bad long tempo with a ~69HM for Josh – so decided to push on from 14 to 16 & call it a day at that rather than risk bring on any issued. I picked up well & finished with no issues, including being totally pain free around my VMO.

Not quite the distance I originally wanted, but given the week I had I was more than happy with the final long tempo! I felt really good for it & subject to getting back on top of my leg issue I’ll be flying out to Berlin ready to attack it & squeeze another couple of minutes off my PB (& also get the Notts club record back).

That’s it now until after the race! A couple of sessions planned, but generally easing into it so I’m ready to run well on the 24th. Hopefully it will be televised in the UK this year as the men’s race looks set to be a classic.

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