A long wait to feel good

A pretty unrelenting week trying to nurse my VMO back to 100% as it continued to niggle away! I was able to run most mornings & it generally fel fine but would stiffen up through the day meaning just cross training in the afternoon. I shifted my session from Thursday to Friday & although I felt rubbish (just generally slow/heavy legged) I was totally pain free & running properly. Continue reading

Back to reality (& back to winning ways)!

So although the last few days in St Moritz didn’t pan out quite as planned following a slight trauma to my vastus medialis (inner quad muscle) caused by coming to an abrupt halt due to a car have no intention of slowing down, it did mean I was forced to take some rest from the high quantity & quality training of the previous few weeks. Everything sorted itself out for me to put in some fast strides late in the week before attacking Wilne on the Sunday. Continue reading