Week 2 – a big one

My first full week in St Moritz & after settling in well over the first few days it was time to crack on with some more quality running. With no shortage of company every run is different, either with another scenic route or a new person to run with & pass the time for the dreaded second run…every day!

Mon 14/8 – 13M Easy / 7M E

Tues – 16M Session: 3 sets of 4 x 400m, first two off 200m jog, last set off 400m float / 8M E

Weds – 15M Session (steady workout with Sonia): 3 sets of 1K/2K/1K off 90secs, 3mins off set at the Celerina Arena / 6M Relaxed

Thurs – 16E / 9 R, Inc ~5K mountain run up Muottas Muragl with some stunning views as our reward!

2017.08.21 StM3

A mere 5 lakes in shot

Fri – 17M Session: 5K tempo, 8 x 400 off 200 jog / 6M E

Sat – 18M R / 6M R Inc strides

Sun – 23M Inc Engadiner Sommerlauf 25K Race, 8th / 7M Steady

2017.08.21 StM2

Sonia 2nd Lady / Me 8th Man (1st 30+) / Mona 3rd Lady. All eyes on Berlin!

Total 165M (266km for our German & Swiss friends), ~1hr stretching/therapy

Well certainly my biggest week of running & not a weekly total I’ll be looking to emulate any time soon! I could certainly feel all the miles I have put in on the Swiss trails during Sunday’s race. A really satisfying way to end the week though with 25K just outside marathon pace (altitude adjusted) off 3 quality sessions in the week as well – there’s no jogging in that 165 miles!

It was all smiles in the St Moritz house over the weekend as we loaded ourselves up with various winnings to catch the bus back from Samedan having followed Nick on Saturday as he ran himself into 4th overall & world age group champion at the duathlon world championships in Penticton. Proudly wearing my Club Atletismo Benijofar shirt for the post-race warm down.

At long last my ribs are ALMOST back to normal so I am now sleeping normally but still not able to do anything other than some basic stretching as required.

And so begins another week up here where the air is thin, the running is perfect & we keep working towards making those dreams a reality! I’m determined to make this trip count, but it certainly isn’t a case of blindly running myself into a hole & chasing arbitrary mileage targets. Everything is carefully planned to continue to manage the mix of volume & quality for the rest of my time here – if I’m going to spend three weeks away from Jo I need to do it justice.

Next week I hope to be a little more awake when writing my blog, but for now my priority is warming up with a mug of tea after 20 minutes in the ice river!!

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