Training to train

Although improving slower than I would like (as is always the case for an athlete!) my ribs are at least enabling me to train at close to full intensity most of the time, & other than some soreness after hard runs &/or prolonged periods in one position I have been able to start some more structured training just in time.

Mon 31/7 – 9M Relaxed / 8M Easy

Tues – 5M Steady / 10M S

Weds – 6M E / 12M R

Thurs – 6M E / 6M E

Fri – 8M Tempo / 5M T

Sat – 10M T

Sun – 19M S

Total 105M, still no cross training

Not a bad week off the back of the good long progression run the previous Sunday. The week wasn’t 100% as planned but there was some good hard running in there & starting to tick the legs over well again without any issues.

This week was all about getting back into some structured work, getting the heart rate up & the legs turning over at a fast pace. All achieved with no ill effects so it’s all systems go for the rest of the month & ensuring I make the trip count!

What better way focus the mind before St Moritz than three days at the World Championships. Farah, Bolt, Hawkins, Dixon et al. The marathon is always the main inspiration for me, both through a better understanding of the event but mainly the feeling that qualification & being able to perform alongside those racing is achievable! So while the atmosphere & experience in the stadium was something we’ll never forget (Jo had me watching the 10,000m at least twice when we got back to the hotel before we eventually went to bed at close to 2am…ready for the 6.30am alarm for the morning tempo!) it was the marathon that really hit home & will keep my mind ‘on it’ during the hard runs in the thin air of the Swiss Alps.

It’s time for the miles to increase, quality improve, recovery start & make it all count.

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