31 days in August

Another week generally ticking over, assessing how my ribs felt on a daily basis & generally continuing with rubbish sleep! However this week did see significant progress & it finished with a good confidence boost to end the month.

Mon 24/7 – 9M Relaxed / 9M Steady

Tues – 6M R / 9M R

Weds – 5M R / 10M R (longest run since doing my ribs)

Thurs – 9M E

Fri – 7M R / 10M R

Sat – 7M R (shattered)

Sun – 22M Inc 19M progressive by heart rate. 30mins @ 151bpm, 30 @ 161, 30 @ 172, 15 @ 172+. Pleased with 5:30 average pace & felt good considering this was twice as far as I’d ran for three weeks & the first time inside 6 minute miling! Ribs were largely ok & just stiff/sore after.

Total 104M

Having been very careful I look to be approaching 95% recovery of my ribs just in time for a big month of work! Although still struggling to sleep properly my general movement improved dramatically through the week. Double days had no ill effects with the second run no more painful than the first so I was able to get some reasonable volume in, although remaining just general running.

Sunday’s progression run was very much an overall assessment in terms of fitness & also the true state of my ribs. The result was a pleasant surprise & gives me a good marker to roll into the next week & a couple of sessions before heading out to St Moritz & really knuckling down! Having Rob for company early on helped, as did having Andy on the bike cracking the whip throughout.

Unfortunately the nature of my injury means I’ve not been able to do anything in the gym! It’s still painful to bend to lace up my trainers so I literally can’t do anything of use in the gym but I’m hoping to pick that back up from next week. I did get to Radmoor once this week, but it was to present a talk on targeting an autumn marathon / half marathon alongside Richard Kay (race director of the Wilne 10K & various other races). Feedback was overwhelmingly positive so hopefully we can look forward to an even bigger attendance for future presentations.

8 weeks to Berlin – could a big PB still be on the cards? I’m looking forward to making full use of every one of those 31 days in August & seeing how I race coming off that at the Wilne 10K on the 3rd September.

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