Bouncing back

After establishing that I can’t hurdle & don’t bounce particularly well I had to endure just over a week of excruciating & continuous pain before contemplating any form of cross training. All this just as I was pushing on & looking forward to the really hard marathon specific training!

I jumped on the bike for some initial non-impact aerobic maintenance, with the boredom of the turbo trainer eased by being able to watch the Tour each evening.

The nature of severe bruising or fractures to the ribs means most things hurt as you pull on your core & aqua jogging is definitely not an option! After a couple more days I braved the cross trainer & was able to get some reasonably intense work done on that. And then the first test run – just 20 minutes on the flattest & smoothest paths I could find! Ok, but fairly painful.

Through the week though I eventually started to feel some improvement & was generally moving easier albeit with the odd reminder that the ribs were still very tender! So somehow last week I made it to 50 miles in 5 days of running with a (fairly) pain free hour on Sunday the best sign of improvement yet. I’m still having to pick my routes very carefully, gingerly going up & down curbs & unable to twist my trunk to look for traffic etc BUT when I get a flat & quiet stretch I’m fine to drop down to 6mm without much effort.

My only ‘target’ for recovery is being able to run properly & pain free by the time I travel to St Moritz. So I’m not pushing anything, concentrating on allowing for recovery & ensuring I am in a position to run A LOT out there & at a good pace.

New tyres

New tyres for the Swiss mountains

All being well I’ll meet up with Andy to put me through my paces for a good long tempo run this coming Sunday to clear the lungs & see where I’m at.

I’ll race Wilne at the start of September & assess fitness at that point. Berlin remains a possibility & if I get the miles in that I have in mind through August then I will definitely be in good shape. The dream target won’t be on now, but the potential to run 2:16 is still there if things run smoothly from here (& I avoid any encounters with livestock).


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