Road runners don’t bounce

June went really well & I was definitely fitter than at the same time last year. July looked to be starting well, but the 9th marked a significant downturn in fortunes!

Mon 3/7 – 6M Relaxed / 7M Inc strides + XT

Tues – 6M R / 12M Inc Session of 8 x 1K @ ~10K pace. Not much pace tonight but average inside 3mins so not too bad after Sunday! + XT

Weds – 6M E / 11M R

Thurs – 7M E / 7M Inc Session of 12 x 400 off 45/60secs, av 66secs.

Fri – 7M E / 9M Steady

Sat – 11M Inc 7M tempo in Yealand Conyers so not the 5mm pace planned but a good hard undulating run & not far off pace.

Sun – 20M R, inc my first & last attempt at the steeplechase!

Total 111M, 2 1/4hrs XT

The week started well & through to Saturday I was pleased to be nearing the end of what would be another good week of training with 26 steady miles round Ullswater planned for Sunday morning to bring me close to 120 miles for the week including three quality sessions.

Unfortunately my early start, & scenic route from Glenridding to Howtown meant I was the first person on the fells that morning. I therefore startled a lamb who shot out from the bracken at the last minute! My reaction was to hurdle it (which I managed) but as soon as I got airborne it’s mother followed & took my leg from under me. So it was me – the skinny road runner in skimpy shorts & vest v Lakeland trail & slate. I lost! 10 minutes of wheezing leaning against the nearest tree & I just about got my breath back to start running again having checked no bones were sticking out fro anywhere. A slow meander over the remaining rough stuff before finishing the last 7 miles back on my preferred stomping ground – tarmac! Back just in time for breakfast before Jo caught a couple of photos & ushered me into the shower to start cleaning the grit from my cuts.

Some of the cuts were deep, & my shoulder particularly painful to clean but I seemed to have got away with it quite well with just some stiffness generally – nothing a couple of glasses of wine with dinner wouldn’t sort.

That was until halfway through Monday when my ribs became unbearably painful & movement was extremely restricted. A week later & the pain is hardly any less with any thoughts about running still days away.

It’s been a tough week or so since my hurdling debut & immediate retirement! I travel to St Moritz three weeks on Wednesday so my main focus is maintaining fitness without rushing into running so I am in shape to make the best use of that trip. Frankfurt on the 29th October is the backup marathon plan & I’m in the process of seeing what my options are.

Lamb chops on the bbq this week!

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