June – a good start

June was certainly a good start to the Berlin build up, running 475 miles at an average of 111 miles a week with some good quality in there from sessions & races even if the times weren’t quite what I would have liked.

I enjoyed being able to do some shorter races & it’s certainly good to keep something much faster than marathon pace in the training so it feels relatively comfortable come September!

Mon 26/6 – 6M Relaxed / 14M Inc Session of 3,000m race, 3 x 6mins off 90secs, 2 x 4mins off 1min, 2 x 2mins off 1min. The 3K was hard going, finishing only just faster than I went through 3K in on Saturday! I did the rest of the session in & around Leeds Beckett campus so it was quite rolling but took the pressure off aiming for a certain pace.

Tues – 7M Easy / 10M E

Weds – 6M E / 11M R

Thurs – 6M R / 6M R Inc strides

Fri – 3M E / 8M Inc FASTFriday 10,000m, DNF.

Sat – 9M R

Sun – 29M Inc 26.2 Tempo in 2:24.

Total 115M, 0hrs XT

Once again I felt like fitness had moved on another step as I started the week (despite Monday night’s poor race!). Everything is feeling easier, I feel like I am having to hold myself back from doing more than ~110mpw despite some hard sessions!

Thursday’s planned 6 mile tempo @ 5 minute mile pace was replaced with the 10,000m, & having brought Tuesday’s session forward to Monday although that meant two extra days recovery it did mean I had just one easy day between that & my first focussed long run – 14 miles with a target of 5:15 pace throughout.

Following a few late nights from racing etc I was pretty wiped out this week so didn’t get to the gym at all, choosing instead to try & get some rest.

Things didn’t go to plan though! I barely got any rest, the drive took 3 1/2 hours to the race on Friday & despite feeling great at 3K my hamstring/glute were getting tighter on each turn from the long drive & I reluctantly made the sensible decision to call it a day. Regardless of feeling good to run 30 low, the main frustration was at pulling out of a race! I knew it was the right decision, but I didn’t have much of a spring in my step on Saturday’s run. This is a great event that Barny Foot & his team have improved year on year & I hope to be back again to do it justice.

And there was further change, with Kev moving his long run back to Sunday the marathon pace tempo was switched to 26.2 miles @ 5:35-5:25 pace. So off we went to Watermead for 4-5 laps of the various country parks. This went pretty well & it was only at about 2 hour that my hamstring tightened, but a slow mile loosened it off & I got the run done in 2:24 so 5:30 pace despite the late issue. Company always helps with these runs & Kev was cruising at this pace! An up & down week, but finished on a positive!

2017.07.02 Watermead marathon

And then home to try on the new kit provided by Radmoor Health & Fitness.

On to July & things start to get serious with less than 12 weeks to race day.

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