Racing to stay sharp (mind & body)

After last Friday’s decent race but poor time I was pleased to roll on into this week feeling in good shape & looking forward to a couple of 5000’s on the track! For the rest of this month there is no plan to get into the really high mileage & having a couple of races within the week certainly helps ensure that. Still I’ve averaged 110mpw for the last month, so not exactly low on miles!

Mon 19/6 – 6M Easy / 6M Relaxed Inc 10 x 100m fast strides

Tues – 5M R / 9M Inc BMC 5,000m @ Tipton, 2nd in 14:52. Legs felt heavy once we got going after 4-5 laps & couldn’t pick the pace up to follow. A decent loosener for Saturday.

Weds – 7M R / 11M Steady

Thurs – 9M Inc 5M relaxed tempo ~5:20 pace / 8M R + XT

Fri – 6M E / 6M R

Sat – 5M R / 8M Inc BMC 5,000m @ Watford, 14:48 PB. Felt much better tonight & looking for 14:30’s. Got blew out the back of the lead pack as they picked up the pace to 67’s & had a tough slog from there.

Sun – 20M E + XT / 5M R

Total 113M, 2 1/4Hrs XT

The plan is to keep the Monday strides which will help to kick everything off at a decent pace following each weekend’s longer work. This being the first week of them I wasn’t sure how I’d come off that & into the race at Tipton. I certainly felt the fatigue from them & Friday’s race as we got to the middle of the race, but was reasonably happy to finish with a PB of 14:52 leaving plenty of room for improvement on Saturday.

I really stacked up the middle of the week, with solid paced runs on Wednesday & a good relaxed tempo on Thursday morning off the back of Tuesday’s race. Then it was easy running until Saturday.

I was really looking forward to Saturday’s BMC & felt ready to run fast. The plan was 70 second laps, & with the pacemaking due to be for 13:25 pace I expected to be able to latch on to a second group at that sort of pace. As it turned out the pacemaking was finally agreed for somewhat slower than that! So I was tucked in at the back of the large lead group, ticking off early 69 second laps feeling good. Unfortunately the pace picked up from there & the whole pack went with the pace, leaving me floundering in a large gap between them & the next small group with my own personal battle against the wind each time we hit the back straight. So not the 14:3x time I felt capable of running on the night, but another PB of 14:48 in the middle of another 110+ mile week.

So another good week of training & really starting to feel like things are coming together with fitness noticeably picking up week on week. Another tough week coming up with a 10K / 14M @ target marathon pace combo to finish.

2017.06.23 St Moritz

Photo credit Nick Samuels

The opportunity came up for a training camp in St Moritz, & with Jo immediately saying I should go if possible we set about checking timings, holiday & costs! It all looked good, so dates were confirmed & everything booked! So I’m heading out to train on the endless pristine trails of St Moritz, breathing in the thin alpine air for most of August as I seek that extra edge ready for Berlin. Exciting times & another commitment to keep me focussed on the task at hand.


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