W/C 12/6/17 – Routine

Counting last week as the start of my Berlin build up it felt good to be back approaching my normal routine. There’s no harm in change & I’m not obsessive about any one aspect of my training but over a period of several weeks there are certain things I know I need to do in order to get the best fitness gains – most of those were back last week, & the others will fall into place over the next couple of weeks.

Mon 12/6 – 5M E / 7M Relaxed

Tues – 5M R / XT (session pushed back to Weds am after v long day sitting in meetings)

Weds – 8M Inc Session of 5 x 1M off 90secs / 10M + XT. Considering the session started at 4.30am & I used rolling roads I was content with an average of 4:55 this morning!

Thurs – 7M R / 8M R

Fri – 4M shakeout & strides / 15M Inc Notts 10. 3rd, 51:59. Raced well, times were awful due to wind.

Sat – 10M R / 6M R

Sun – 18M E

Total 103M, 3hrs XT

With a lot happening at work this week was busy generally & from Tuesday afternoon I was counting down to the weekend & being able to kick back & relax (relatively speaking!) but alas that never happened!

Wednesday went well all things considered & I was comfortable with moving it from Tuesday believing it still left me enough time to freshen up for a decent hit-out at Notts 10 on Friday. It was a nice warm evening, but unfortunately Holme Pierrepont was as windy as ever! Although I know I’m not in sub 50 shape ATM, I am getting fitter day by day & felt good so decided to jump on the back of the lead group & roll with it early on. We all drifted off the 4:55/mile pace from 4 miles, at which point Kev & Ali pushed on & suddenly the group broke up! They gradually moved away & it took a big effort as we turned into the wind for the final time for the 7th mile to get back with Ben. I did find a second wind as we turned back on the main road & felt I could pick up the pace a little so pressed on for the last couple of miles & just dipped inside 52 minutes (51:59!), which given how hard I was working was irrelevant on the day in those conditions. I raced well & finished strong, with some quality athletes following me in.

2017.06.16 Notts 10

Trying to muster a sprint into the wind

Overall another good week of training, just tipping over 100 miles which is where I’ll be for the next few weeks.

People have asked how I find the cross training fits with the volume of running I do & I wanted to clarify what my cross training involves. As I seek general fitness – & given my pathetic metabolism usually some weight loss – I include a decent amount of additional time cycling or on the ski machine. However as I move into focussed training, & particularly as the mileage get upwards of 100mpw I drop this to a nominal amount that I use to just flush the legs out &/or warm up. The time is then spent on core & strength, & almost all is mat & body weight work as maintenance. If I so much as look at lifting a weight I put on muscle mass which I certainly don’t need! So the hours may look a lot but the reality is a lot of it is spent lay down waving a leg in the air keeping the key muscles active.

Next week – two races & more details on how the Berlin plan is starting to take shape. Enjoy the sunshine!

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