W/C 29/05/17 – Reflect & move on

As mentioned in last week’s blog, the result in London 10K left me quite down at the time. However after a day of reflection & considering what I am trying to achieve I soon had myself back confident in my ability, eager to put the work in, race well in June & commit 100% in all aspects to running a big PB in September.

Mon 29/5 – 15M Inc London 10K

Tues – 10M Steady / XT

Weds – 6M R / 10M R + XT

Thurs – 5M E + XT / 11M Inc Session of 2 x 9mins / 3 x 3mins / 4 x 1min all off 1min. Took some getting going after the morning weight efforts but finished well.

Fri – 7M R / 11M R + XT

Sat – 7M E + XT

Sun – 18M Inc Ramathon half marathon, close 2nd in 67:57 / 5M Steady

Total 105M, 6 3/4hrs XT

An early morning run up to & round the Outwoods on Tuesday got me straight back in the game & with a spring in my step for the week ahead!

Thursday’s session felt awful to start with but I eventually got into it. After feeling shattered on Saturday I decided against the planned second run & it was clearly the right decision as I could hardly keep my eyes open from 8pm!

It was a sunny but very windy morning for the Ramathon so fast times were never on the cards but with Toby Spencer on the start line at least there would be a race! I felt good from the start & the pace felt comfortable early on, although being able to draft of a very enthusiastic young lad from Heanor did help! Once out of the city it was a straight up race between #1 & #2 to see which Spencer would take the victory tape. I didn’t have the legs to really push the pace once we hit the river so other than keeping the pace honest I ran the last 3-4 miles expecting a sprint finish round the stadium & weighing it up as a 50:50 shot. I tucked in as we came up from the river & went with 200m to go but unfortunately I was unable to open up much of a gap & Toby came back passed me with 100m to go. I maintained my form to the line but couldn’t find any more speed so unfortunately it was a close 2nd by a second! So no repeat win but a solid hit out to finish a good week of quality & quantity.

The Road to Berlin starts here!

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