W/C 22/05/17 – Consolidation & disappointment

After the relative disappointment of Highgate there was little I could do to gain fitness before the next opportunity which is the London 10K on Bank Holiday Monday. So a few easier days, a sharpener session & generally taking care of myself.

Mon 22/5 – 5M Easy / 6M E

Tues – 10M Relaxed / XT

Weds – 6M R / 8M Inc pickup with 3M in 15:20

Thurs – 7M Inc Session of 8 x 400m (av 64secs) off 75secs + XT / 5M R

Fri – 6M E

Sat – 8M R

Sun – 5M R

Total 66M, 3 3/4hrs XT

Mon 29/5 – 15M Inc London 10K, 24th in 30:55.

Other than tight calves I felt good from the start of the week. The tempo effort on Wednesday felt good & quick, as did the 400’s on Thursday but I was feeling quite lethargic through Thursday & that carried on over the weekend. Running was a chore, but I put that down to the back to back hard efforts & took consolation from the fact my calves felt fine & the swelling had gone.

Monday’s race doesn’t get its own post as I was so disappointed in the result. I never got up for this & simply couldn’t get focussed through the week but I still went to run inside 30:30 as a minimum. My calves certainly had other ideas as they really tightened up at 3K which made for a tough slog to the finish! I drifted off pace with the only saving grace the fact I came through to finish strong once again.

Unfortunately for Jo I was pretty down for the rest of our day in London, although I tried to snap out of it as best I could & immediately set about putting plans in place to make sure I’m now 100% focussed on the big goal of the year which is Berlin. 16 weeks on Sunday & I now have a month with plenty of races to enjoy which will help me focus through the early stages before kicking back into focussing solely on training for the big one.

I’m trying to get a positive spin on it, & if I’m running inside 31 minutes feeling like I’ve majorly under-performed then I’m content my ambitions are in the right place & it’s down to me to make sure I do everything in my control to achieve the lofty targets I’ve set myself.

In running you get out what you put in. I need to put more in.


3 thoughts on “W/C 22/05/17 – Consolidation & disappointment

  1. Been enjoying your blog for the last few months. Thanks for sharing your journey so honestly, both highs and lows, and I look forward to seeing what you get up to next.


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