W/C 8/5/17 – The Wait is Almost Over

The last full week of hard work for a while! This week will see the hard training done with just a couple more sessions before hitting the two 10K’s & seeing what I can do – track & road PB’s being the minimum target! Highgate is the following Saturday (20th, live stream via Vinco), London 10K on Bank Holiday Monday (29th) & I’ll then take a recovery week to just tick over. The following Sunday marks 16 weeks to Berlin, & will also be a decent run out at the Ramathon as my annual guest appearance in the Thermo Fisher vest for Jo’s corporate team. That will finish my recovery week & it will then be into the specific block of training for Berlin, although looking to include several early season track races to compliment the increased volume & keep the speed in my legs!

Mon 8/5 – 4M Easy / 5M E

Tues  – XT only

Weds  – 8M Inc Session of 4 sets of 1200m->1min->800m, 2mins off set. Done on grass, av 3:30/2:18 – pleasing given it was a 4.30am start in freezing conditions! / 6M Relaxed + XT

Thurs  – 5M R + XT / 9M Inc Session of 3 sets of 4 x 400 off 45secs, 3mins off set. Av 67secs, happy with that feeling tired from yesterday.

Fri  – 7M R + XT

Sat – 10M E + XT

Sun – 18M Inc Bosworth Half Marathon, narrow 2nd. ~70mins, got what I wanted (except the 5th successive win) from the run out.

Total – 72M, 7hrs XT

Eventually seemed to catch up on sleep by Wednesday, although the usual early start probably set me back again! I felt good for the session & had a good spring in my step which bodes well. I was grateful to Jo for being my timekeeper for the 400’s on Thursday & pleased how they went after feeling sluggish & tired to start – once into the session it felt quite quick.

I came off Wednesday/Thursday feeling good & finished the week with a good couple of runs feeling fresh as I type on Monday morning. A flare up of the pesky glute/hamstring halfway round Bosworth was frustrating but manageable & the first time that’s happened for several weeks – I’ve backed off the specific strength exercises as Highgate approaches due to the tightness they cause, but will be back into those straight after!

Not much left to do now with a session planned for Tuesday night & then easing towards Saturday & laying it all out on the track. It’s only 25 laps after all…


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