W/C 1/5/17 – The Final Touches

Just a couple of weeks hard training to put in before easing down for Highgate on the 20th so I was fully aware I need to attack each key session. Getting back into my routine of running fro the gym has been a big boost & will definitely help these last couple of weeks.

Mon 1/5 – 11M Inc Session of 10 x 800m off 90secs + XT. Felt good, ranged from 2:15-2:20 & back down.

Tues – 9M Easy + XT

Weds – 5M E / 8M Inc 5M Tempo on the treadmill + XT

Thurs – 5M E / 5M E + XT

Fri – 5M E / 7M + XT

Sat – 9M Inc Parkrun, 14:58. Course record in awful conditions. Will be nice to go back & lower it closer to 14:40. Felt good today!

Sun – 18M E

Total 82M, 7 1/4hrs XT

Brought Tuesday’s session forward to Monday to make use of the Bank Holiday & run in the morning. Despite being the fourth consecutive hard day & following a massage I felt good once I got going & was pleased to average 2:17 for the session.

Similarly I did my tempo on Wednesday as I felt fine, but given that it had blown a gale all day I decided to do the run on the treadmill to ensure I was up to speed & got the benefits of running at target pace of 5 miles in 25 minutes with fast leg turnover rather than battling the elements. I felt great & finished with the final 5 minutes well inside 10K pace/effort.

Parkrun was a straight blowout without any tempo before, legs felt great but 6 degrees, raining & still blowing so not quite the time I’d have liked (nice report from Long Eaton). Fitness is there though. Can’t say I was too interested in the Nike show but some decent results coming through from Stanford at the same time provided a bit of added incentive/motivation to get the legs ticking over at speed. Sunday long run felt very easy but may have been half asleep after a 4.30am start to see Jo off to Frankfurt.

Two weeks.


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