W/C 17/04/17 – tiredness catching up with me

After the tough end to last week & a particularly tiring/busy weekend it was always looking like a case of getting through the hard work as best I could this week with a planned easier (running wise) weekend due to travelling to/from London supporting the marathon.

Mon 17/4 – 5M Steady / 5M Easy

Tues 18/4 – 3M E / 7M Inc 3,000m @ Derby. Late start, freezing, windy & shattered = crap run. 8:52, some 20 seconds off what I had entered with a view to running but ultimately the combination of factors meant I simply had to bank it as my one track race before Highgate…which needs to be close to this pace for 17 1/2 more laps…

Weds 19/4 – 6M Relaxed / 8M S

Thurs 20/4 – 9M Inc Session of 15min tempo into 5 x 600m off 45secs + Cross Training

Fri 21/4 – 5M E / 14M R

Sat 22/4 – 5M S

Sun 23/4 – 18M Inc a good steady hour early before running to several spots to support the marathon

Total 86M, 2hrs XT

Throughout Tuesday I knew the sensible option would be to sack of the 3,000m, take an early run & get to bed to catch up on some sleep given it was a 9pm start & I’d be up at 4.15am on Wednesday! However with this being my only race on the track before Highgate my thinking was to just get it done, see what I could muster on the night & just use it to get used to the rhythm of racing on the track – it will have served a purpose I suppose!

Saturday marked 4 weeks to the Big Day! I know I’m in good shape, but I definitely need to sharpen up over the coming weeks. So 3 weeks of attacking sessions with some tough targets, ensuring I continue to back off from the habitual ‘marathon’ mileage so I’m giving my body chance to recover to hit those targets.

After the disappointment of Tuesday’s race it was nice to be reminded of the Talent Support grant I was awarded by Charnwood Borough Council recently showing their belief in me. If the 3,000m is the only setback then it won’t have been a bad build up to Highgate. Time to get serious!

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