W/C 3/4/17

Following last weekend I felt that this would be the week where things start to come together & I start to feel good for some runs & most importantly sessions. The quality of my sessions & speed of my tempo runs needs to pick up to get me in shape to race well at Highgate in May. April needs to be a big month & as well as the running I need to get on top of the recovery/cross training/sleep issues that have been hampered since returning from Spain.

Mon 3/4 – 5M Relaxed / 7M R

Tues 4/4 – 5M R / 11M Inc Session of 2 sets of 2 x 1 mile off 1min, 5mins off set. 4:39/42, 39/51. Legs turned to lead on the last rep, but not too bad & legs felt ok after Sunday.

Weds 5/4 – 5M Easy / 9M R

Thurs 6/4 – 4M R / 8M Inc Session of 10 x 400m off 100m. Felt better than expected.

Fri 7/4 – 6M E / 7M R

Sat 8/4 – 7M E / 11M Inc National 12 Stage, see separate race report. Team 4th overall, 3rd English team so bronze medals

Sun 9/4 – 19M Inc Hose Half Marathon, clear win in 70 minutes. Went off hard, combination of strong headwind from 6M to 11M & fatigue from relays meant ~67 pace drifted way off!

Total 104M, 0hrs XT again (still waiting for car).

Another good week of training under my belt, so although left frustrated at having to decide not to run this year’s London marathon the quality of training & racing has softened the blow & I’m confident that continued consistent training will reap the rewards I’m looking for come May.

Thursday’s 400’s were faster than planned, & although good for training it wasn’t so good for Saturday’s race as my legs were quite sore & I definitely felt it on the rolling Sutton Park course.

A welcome couple of easier days to see in the new week after the overload of the weekend then back at it with a tough session on Thursday. Assuming I’m following my normal pattern of training/improvement then I should be able to look forward to feeling good for a couple of sessions over the next couple of weeks – I can hope anyway! I might have to get used to a bit more soreness than I’m used to though as the mileage is down but intensity will be up.

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