W/C 13/03/17 & 20/03/17

So here begins the regular training blogs, doubled up for this one as the first week was just recovery so nothing much to report!

W/C 13th March 2017

Mon 13/3 – 5M Relaxed. Tired from travelling & straight to work.

Tues 14/3 – 5M R / 4M R + XT

Weds 15/3 – 12M R

Thurs 16/3 – 7M R / 10M Steady. Starting to feel better after being exhausted earlier in the week.

Fri 17/3 – 5M Easy / 5M R

Sat 18/3 – 11M inc 5M tempo (steady in 26 per Andy…). Felt good after a lie in & a few espressos, <25:30 without maxing out. First promising training run back!

Sun 19/3 – 21M R + 2hrs XT

Total 85M, 6:20 Av Pace, 4hrs Cross Training/Gym. Glad to start feeling better by the weekend, sore legs & tiredness from travelling made the start of the week tough.

W/C 20th March 2017

Mon 20/3 – 5M R / 6M inc strides + 1 3/4hrs XT

Tues 21/3 – 3M E (commute only due to planned session / 12M Inc Session of 4 x 1M off 2mins, 2 x 800m off 1min, 4 x 400m off 1min. All slightly off target pace but considering how I felt before the session not too bad & conditions were awful.

Weds 22/3 – 5M E / 10M R

Thurs 23/3 – 5M E / 9M inc 5M Tempo, felt rubbish but reasonable pace for fairly little effort.

Fri 24/3 – 5M R /4M E

Sat 25/3 – 2M E / 19M Inc Midland 12 Stage, leg 4, team silver behind a strong Bristol team. See separate race report together with the National 12 Stage.

Sun 26/3 – 22M Steady/progressive. Quality long run & nice to have company with Notts latest Super Vet Rob Keal joining me & clearly in fine form heading to London.

Total 107M, Av Pace ~6:05, 0hrs Cross Training/Gym – car/commute issues! First week into ‘proper’ training & some good quality in there. Felt tired pretty much all week which was no surprise! I’ll be glad to have our second car back so the commute is a choice rather than a necessity & to enable me to get back into the run/gym/recovery routine. Generally though definitely big strides forward in terms of fitness.

Another tough week planned ahead with a couple of hard sessions & a long marathon paced run. Focus is now on the Highgate 10,000m/London 10K combo but there may still be something in it for me at London depending how next week goes. I’ll catch up with Andy at the end of next week & we’ll have a better idea of how the next 9-10 weeks will look.

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