Not the start to 2017 I wanted

Unfortunately I started 2017 with a niggle following an attempted time trial on Christmas Day! I twinge in the back of my knee just a mile in started a spasm through my hamstring & that reduced me to basic running for a few weeks as I tried to ease the hamstring & back of my knee off.

Into January & although my hamstring eased off the tightness moved up to my troublesome left glute. Over time that shut down & at the start of February there was hardly any detectable muscle left! So some physio & specific exercises has been the course of treatment & there is now some sign of muscle returning!

With the weak glute it leads to tightness in & around my piriformis which inhibits fast running (any form of striding out) so addressing that has been key.

Fortunately I’ve been able to maintain a reasonable level of fitness through 70-90mpw steady running & plenty of cross training. Yesterday was my first session back & although not fast (focus was on form rather than speed) I was pleased with how I felt.

A couple of weeks training in Spain should kick start my proper training & if I can keep making good progress with my glute strength then I hope to be in reasonable shape by this time next month.

Once I put together a couple of weeks proper training I’ll resume my regular training blogs & also update on the goals over the coming months.

A frustrating start to 2017 but it certainly hasn’t dented my optimism & belief in being able to achieve my goals set for 2017.

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