Marathon week – taper time!

This week was pretty well planned out, through training, diet, preparing kit, workload, avoiding people coughing etc… At last a full ease down of training after a relatively easy week previously & I was already feeling much fresher which was definitely helped by being able to get more rest!

Mon 19/9 7M Easy / XT.

Tues 7M Session of 6 x 2mins off 1min jog + XT. Just a relaxed set of efforts to keep the legs ticking over inside marathon pace – felt pretty good.

Weds 6M E. Did this early (4.30am) before my morning meeting & to allow for more recovery.

Thurs 5M Relaxed inc. 6 x 1min. Again just some strides to keep things moving & in the morning.

Fri 5M E. An easy run through the Tiergarten on arriving in Berlin. Good to be back! Perfect conditions atm…

Sat 3M E. Early ‘jog’, no strides this time so felt pretty heavy legged but happy enough.

Sun 32M inc 5am shake out, warm up & Berlin Marathon. Separate race report/blog to follow. 2:19:17, 28th. A 2min+ PB, happy to be progressing but outside the 2:17-2:18 I’d been aiming for.

Total 67M, 3 1/2hrs XT, weight 62.1kg (fluid!)

I felt good from the start of the week & although cutting out carbs I didn’t feel any real impact other than a bit low on energy for Tuesday’s efforts & even felt OK for Thursday’s minute reps. Carbs were welcome on Friday though! Race was faultless from start to finish unfortunately I didn’t quite have it on the day but still delighted to get well inside 2:20 to tick that box! A few days R&R in Berlin after with Jo so I’ll get the race report online as it comes back to me!

Post race beers by the Siegessäule with my SEVEN supporters (no pressure!):


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