The end is in sight

Another good week in the bag with a high quality weekend to finish. I felt pretty good coming off that so was looking forward to ticking off another week with only a few tough sessions left & the volume starting to drop off.

Mon 5/6 – 5M Relaxed / 8M Easy

Tues – 5M E / 10M Relaxed tempo 5:54-35 pace for 45mins effort + Cross Training.

Weds – 4M E / 15M R

Thurs – 11M Session, 8 sets of 2mins/30secs rec/1min 1min off set + XT. Good session on a windy 1K loop, looking to cover 1km per set & easily doing that.

Fri – 6M E

Sat – 9M inc strides + XT / 5M R

Sun – 21M Progressive from 5:49-16 + XT / 5M E

Total 105M, Av 6:10, 6hrs XT, Weight 60.5kg

I felt good coming off Wilne 10K & was pleased not to carry any fatigue or soreness through into this week. Tuesday tempo felt very easy at that pace & Thursday’s session was another good relaxed effort ticked off. Friday was a very easy day to ensure recovery which coincided nicely with picking up a stomach bug that wiped me out for the day (& made me very tired all weekend). Strides were relaxed but fast & Sunday’s long run was faster than expected! A very easy start over the hills & the pace easily picked up through the run. A run-in with a Pokemon Wanker probably got the adrenaline going from about 13 miles to help the pace & I never felt like I was pushing the pace or effort at any point of the run.

That’s the last proper long run done. Next week includes a couple of fairly tough sessions but from Thursday things really calm down & the taper begins proper! Apparently it’s already started, but these things are all relative. This Sunday also marks the last day I’ll have anything even resembling a ‘treat’ food wise as I look to drop the final bit of excess weight that’s lingering. Almost time to decide on a race plan!!


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