Another easy week (?!)

Within 4 weeks of race day now & just a couple more weeks of what I’d call proper training before easing off. I had the training for last week & this from Andy, finishing with Wilne 10K on Sunday 4th. We’ll catch up properly after the race & plan in the final week or so of training before looking at the taper in more detail & settling on a plan for race day which will include target times/splits.

Mon 29/8 – 10M Relaxed inc 2M pick up in 9:40 + Cross Training / 5M R. Felt good after ~10mins of getting the legs moving & comfortable ticking the legs over at speed (albeit on a slight net downhill).

Tues – 5M E + XT / 9M R.

Weds – 10M Session, 4 sets of 1M tempo + 2 x 70secs off 1min (2mins off set) / 6M R. Due to work commitments I had to move my session to the morning & a 4.30am start meant the body took some waking up! Eventually got up to a reasonable pace for the final set! Felt good generally though.

Thurs – 8M E / 6M R + XT.

Fri – 6M E / 8M R Inc. 8 x 90secs off 1min + XT. The reps were relaxed to make sure I didn’t push anything too hard. Felt good.

Sat – 20M E (strictly no faster than 2:05 – so pleased to tick over 2:05 just after 20!) + XT / 4M R shakeout

Sun – 18M Inc Wilne 10K – separate race report to follow. 4th, 30:34, PB. XT on way home / 6M E.

Total 121M, av 6:12, 7 1/4hrs XT, Weight 61/5kg. Average for 14 weeks 111.4mpw.

Some interesting statistics (to me anyway) from training so far:

  • Monthly averages; year to date – 398 miles, 3 month specific block – 497 miles. Progressing through 456, 502 & 533 which was useful to see the reason why I’m so tired! A really satisfying overall picture considering February was a lowly 186 due to bizarre knee issues. 
  • The 14 Sunday’s (Saturday this week)so far have been; 19 Long Run / 24 Total, 20, 22/26, 22, 26, 26, 25/31, 26/31, 19 (recovery week), 26/31, 28/33, 25/31, 31/32, 20/24. Giving a 14 week average of 24/27, another stat I’m particularly pleased with! I’m a big believer that the long run is a key part of HM/marathon training (a real bugbear of mine is people looking to shirk these, mainly because they’re hard!) & most of these have therefore been at a good pace. Furthermore this doesn’t factor in what has generally been a high volume & quality Saturday so the weekends have really been maximised through this block of training.

Really pleased with how I felt following the previous weekend’s running, rolling straight into a good relaxed run on Monday & a strong if unspectacular session early on Wednesday morning with no residual fatigue/soreness.

Wednesday session was hard work with the early start but progressed through it which bodes well. Then into a very good weekend’s marathon training, holding back big time to keep the long run outside 6mm before hitting Wilne hard & coming away with an overdue PB despite very blustery conditions.

Not much hard stuff to go now & getting close to having to settle on a target time/race plan. Breaking it down to marathon pace being ~20secs/mile slower than Wilne seems quite reasonable rather than considering other factors! Good to find out Darren Deed will be joining us Brits in Berlin so should be able to put some work in together.

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