The final push, part 1!

After a frustrating start to last week I was glad to finish strong & feel good heading into some more quality training. Mileage is planned to be slightly less over the next couple of weeks to start to sharpen up as my endurance is certainly there. Saying that, the week still ends with a steady 3 hour run…thanks Andy!

Mon 22/8 – 6M Easy / 6M E. Easy day!

Tues – 5M E / 9M Relaxed + XT.

Weds – 6M E / 15M R + XT. Long day after the usual early start but feeling good.

Thurs – 13M Session of 2x8mins, 3x4mins, 3x2mins, 5x1min off 1min. Felt good at a relaxed effort (careful not to push too hard), covered HM distance in ~73 inc WU/WD jogs.

Fri – 6M R / 7M R + XT.

Sat – 8M E + XT / 7M R

Sun – 32M Steady + XT. Quality last over distance run, second half faster & pleased to finish with 31 miles / 50km in 3:02.

Partners in crime

No.1 supporter looking good after her own progressive 15M

The shorts used to fit! Feeling good after some water!

Total 122M, av 6:15, 6hrs XT, weight 61:9kg. Av for 13 weeks 113MPW

N.b. XT – Cross Training. This is anything other than running, but basically these are gym session consisting of a short spin of the legs on the bike, general core work focussed on trunk/back, stretching & massage including sauna. I was talking to somebody this week who was surprised to have seen me in the gym & thought I only ran, perhaps they don’t read my blog (seriously? 😉 ) but I thought perhaps some clarification on the XT might show I spend 4-8 hours in the gym each week on top of the running. The strength I’ve worked on over the last year has certainly helped me cope with the increased volume & intensity.

An easy start to the week as focus is now split between fine tuning & not overdoing things! I’ve been consciously holding back on all easy runs & even the efforts this week were relaxed to freshen up for a couple of tough weeks to finish the hard work before tapering for Berlin. A good fartlek  session on Thursday & a last over distance run on Sunday – both went well! A quality session & I couldn’t have asked for much more from the 3 hour run. Felt good from quite early on, a relatively easy effort & after the first few miles waking the legs up all miles inside 6mm. Next week is a fairly hard week & will finish with a big weekend of 20 miles relatively easy on Saturday followed by Wilne 10K on Sunday where I’m looking to be running a PB despite the previous day’s run – something my current fitness certainly indicates given the relative weakness of my 10K best! All of a sudden the big race seems to be coming round quite quickly, & boy will I be glad to taper off for it.

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