A week inspired by British exploits in Rio

I’m a very level guy & I’d struggle to identify many things I could genuinely say have ‘inspired me’ in my running. I do it because I enjoy running generally, & I love to compete! But seeing people you know, raced against & have trained with (behind – Kev!) achieving their goals & acquitting themselves exceptionally on the biggest stage of all has helped to give me a real focus through the last few week’s of training. Andy Butchart in the 5K & Callum Hawkins in the marathon really stood out as well.

Mon 15/8 – 7M Easy. Single day, no gym & a very easy effort to ensure recovery from the weekend. Legs felt fine but held right off pace!

Tues – Cross Training only. Awful night’s sleep Sunday & Monday & have felt under the weather – possibly a slight bug doing the rounds? Shattered through the day so pushed tough session back to Wednesday & took a day off running to freshen up. Legs feel great!!

Weds – 6M R / 13M Session of 12 10 x 1K off 90secs + XT. A combination today of another poor night’s sleep, the usual very early start & lethargic legs after the cross training. Although the reps were originally to be ~2:58 I knew this wasn’t going to be a great session so just planned on rolling through it as best I could. So although I backed out after 10 (next session in mind) the splits weren’t disastrous & it’s all been about accumulation so far rather than one-off spectacular sessions.

Thurs – 7M R / 9M Steady + XT. A hard gym session after a good steady run, feeling a bit more awake although legs feel battered.

Fri – 6M R / 11M Session of 3M hard into 8 x 400m off 60secs. No XT this evening due to a rare meal out. Pleased & surprised with how this session went. 3M aim was ~14:30 & although slightly slower (<14:40), considering it was round the streets that bodes well. Then into the 400’s with a target of ~66, with all coming in well inside that. Back in the game!

Sat – 10M R + XT / 5M R.

Sun – 25M Progressive / 6M E. Morning run included 10M in 55, picking up towards 5:20-5:10 pace. 18M in 1:37 for the total effort, av 5:24. It was good to have some company for this, with Josh & Rob joining us on the Wilne loop for the 10 & Aaron continuing on with the pick up. Big thanks to Jo for supporting on her bike!

Wilne loop1

Total 105M, av 6:17mm, 6 3/4hrs XT, weight 61.8kg. Edit – 12 week average 112mpw & 5 1/2hrs XT.

I felt great coming off another quality week but consecutive rubbish sleep really wiped me out for the early part of the week. Reluctantly I pushed the Tuesday session back to Wednesday which changed the week somewhat & meant alternate hard/easier days through to Sunday. I perked up later in the week after some better sleep so although my legs felt rubbish for most of my runs with some better sleep all will b well again. Friday & Sunday certainly perked me up from my brief slump & Sunday especially I felt like I could have pushed on for a few more miles having felt very comfortable to 15M. A steady 3 hours next Sunday to look forward to, & then probably only one more tough Sunday run to go. Less than 5 weeks now!

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