The marathon zombie

Training is definitely taking its toll & I’m only fit to run & work! Add in some gym work & trying to do some cooking at home to at least offer something as a husband & the rest of my time is spent sat/lay around gazing into space. Consecutive 4.30am runs the last two Wednesday & Thursday’s haven’t helped so I should be back to whatever normal is from next week.

Mon 8/8 – 10M inc 2 miles in ~10mins. Tired today so it was a slog with the wind, although felt better once I started the 2 mile effort!

Tues 9/8 – 12M Session of 4 x 2M off 90secs + Cross Training. Aim was ~5:10 pace but brutal wind on the 1K loop meant pace/effort judgement was impossible. Pleased with 9:55-10:03 for the 4 reps given I felt sluggish. Token gesture in the gym tonight!

Weds 10/8 – 6M Easy (EARLY!) / 14M Relaxed.

Thurs 11/8 – 6M E (EARLY!) / 14M Tempo, inc 10 in 53-54mins progressive (windy again!) + XT. Felt good on the tempo at ~marathon effort on a rolling route.

Fri 12/8 – 5M E / 7M R. A welcome recovery day so no gym either!

Sat 13/8 – 16M Session 12 x 400m off 1min + XT / 5M E. Aim for the 400’s was 68 seconds so pleased for that to be the slowest & felt good! Needed a long warm up though.

Sun 14/8 – 28M R + XT / 5M E. Felt awful to start but surprised to cover 28 miles in 2:45 for a very easy effort. Clearly aerobically very fit!

Total 129M, av 6:09mm, 4 3/4hrs XT, weight 62.9kg (how?!)

This was planned to be a slightly lower volume week, both to ensure I could hit the target sessions as planned & to also ensure I stay on the right side of any niggles that may arise if I continue with the 130+mpw! So much for that plan as after an easy Friday I floated through the weekend effortlessly to bring in some big miles. Bodes well, but will ease back on volume slightly this week with 3 hard sessions planned including a shorter long run on Sunday but at around marathon pace – that should be fun!! Andy assures me the following week will be a bit easier.


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