In search of speed

I got back to the B&B from my ‘short’ long run along the coast on Sunday to my next block of training…& immediately decided it would be a single run day! Some tough running awaits & started immediately – factoring in the weekend it would be 6 hard days so I could look forward to a recovery day on Friday!

Mon 1/8 – 12M inc 5M in ~26:30. Felt good for this & ticked off a quality 5M on a rolling route feeling pretty good!

Tues – 11M Session + XT / 5M E. Session was 12 x 800m relaxed off 1min (no faster than 2:25) & felt a good comfortable effort.

Weds – 5M E / 13M inc Joy Cann 5 mile race. I’d pencilled this in originally as a rare decent Leicestershire League race looking to run ~24:40 on tired legs. The wind gods transpired against me but happy with 25:11 for a clear win feeling good. Finished a steady additional 4M with 8 x 200m fast. The combination of the wind, running solo & being up since 4am meant I wasn’t looking my best coming into the finish straight:

JC5 finish

Thurs – 6M Relaxed / 15M fartlek. Struggling a bit today after consecutive 4.30am runs & a late one last night with poor sleep after the race. Fartlek went well though, picking up the pace/effort through the run only to get battered by the wind on the 1K loop for the faster stuff.

Fri – 8M R / 7M R. I was ready for an easy day, even avoided the gym.

Sat – 13M Steady inc 12 x 200m relaxed off 30secs + XT / 7M R

Sun – 26M Progressive + XT / 5M E. Brutal wind but a quality long run with progressive effort after an easy first hour so pleased with an overall 2:33 marathon.

Total 132M, av 6:04, 4hrs XT, weight 61.6kg

Considering the consecutive relatively hard days I felt quite good through the week & have put together a quality block so far. Frustrating to have poor conditions on Wednesday but with a relatively weak 10K PB I should be good for a PB at Wilne 3 weeks from Berlin where I’ll race after a steady 20M on the Saturday. Until then it’s lots of hard training with the next couple of weeks now planned in with more focus & specificity to most runs to start dialling into what will be marathon pace this time in 7 weeks!

Edit – 10 weeks done, 111 miles per week average at a good pace including two ‘down’ weeks of just 77 & 75 mpw.

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