The calm before the storm

I was pleased with how I felt coming off another high volume week with a tough weekend to finish. My legs felt fine on Monday, other than some bruising from terrible cramps in my calf through Sunday night (rehydrated well, but clearly din’t replace the minerals!) but the plan was for another steady week. Get the miles in with a view to a short session/strides on Thursday before something a little quicker on Saturday & a slightly shorter long run on Sunday to set me up for a tough week ahead leading into the final block of training.

Mon 25/7 – 10M Steady. Felt good today, but took the morning off as noted above.

Tues – 6M Relaxed / Cross training only (rest calf so bruising goes)

Weds – 7M Easy / 15M S + XT

Thurs – 9M R / 10M inc 12 x efforts of between 200-300m + XT

Fri – 6M R / 10M R

Sat – 11M Tempo / 9M Steady. Morning run was a split 3M relaxed tempo into Parkrun fast before driving straight to Northumberland. Pleased to knock a good chunk off the Long Eaton record with 15:01 – two lap course made for a fair amount of off-road to navigate the back half of the field. Afternoon run was faster than planned but always the case when by the coast & in the sun! Awful mid-conversation snap immediately after finishing:

LE Parkrun

Sun – 19M Relaxed. Took some getting going this morning but felt good generally. Nice to have an ‘easy’ long run of just 2 hours this week to freshen up for he next block. After a walk round the market & harbour in Amble it was time for coffee (but no cake – still a bit of weight to go) in the sun:


Total 117M, av 6:06, 5hrs XT, weight 61.8kg (before the weekend!)

I was very happy with how I felt coming off last week, although conscious to keep things in check as agreed with Andy to ensure I’m ready to push on with some quality work from next week. The weekly mileage has remained good & it’s giving me some good consistency in my training which is key for Berlin. Race day is 8 weeks this Sunday just gone, so the next 6 weeks are really about fine tuning everything & seeing how much more I can get out of myself while not risking anything – the schedule looks fairly intense now! Everything looks promising at this stage & I’m looking forward to being able to settle on a more definite race plan/target in early September. The plan currently is to race the Wilne 10K 3 weeks out after a steady 20M on the Saturday, with a final quality long run the following week before a ~10 day taper which works well for me. Well that’s the plan…

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