The final push, part 1!

After a frustrating start to last week I was glad to finish strong & feel good heading into some more quality training. Mileage is planned to be slightly less over the next couple of weeks to start to sharpen up as my endurance is certainly there. Saying that, the week still ends with a steady 3 hour run…thanks Andy! Continue reading

A week inspired by British exploits in Rio

I’m a very level guy & I’d struggle to identify many things I could genuinely say have ‘inspired me’ in my running. I do it because I enjoy running generally, & I love to compete! But seeing people you know, raced against & have trained with (behind – Kev!) achieving their goals & acquitting themselves exceptionally on the biggest stage of all has helped to give me a real focus through the last few week’s of training. Andy Butchart in the 5K & Callum Hawkins in the marathon really stood out as well. Continue reading

The calm before the storm

I was pleased with how I felt coming off another high volume week with a tough weekend to finish. My legs felt fine on Monday, other than some bruising from terrible cramps in my calf through Sunday night (rehydrated well, but clearly din’t replace the minerals!) but the plan was for another steady week. Get the miles in with a view to a short session/strides on Thursday before something a little quicker on Saturday & a slightly shorter long run on Sunday to set me up for a tough week ahead leading into the final block of training. Continue reading