A steady week in the sun

After the troubles with my knee we decided to keep things in check for another week, so after the hilly Rugby HM last Sunday this was a week of more steady running with a few pick-ups included to keep things ticking over knowing that the week would be finishing with a quality long run at the Outlaw on Sunday.

Mon 18/7 – 5M Relaxed / 8M R

Tues – 13M R / 8M R. Hot today, & both runs done before lunch followed by 6+ hours digging out a second patio that I’m claiming as cross training!

Weds – 6M Easy / 11M Progressive, easing down to just outside marathon effort feeling nice & comfortable.

Thurs – 6M R / 9M R

Fri – 8M Steady / 8M S inc 8 x strides & XT.

Sat – 11M S & XT / 3M E

Sun – 2M very easy shakeout / 29M Including Outlaw Triathlon run leg. I was asked to run this as part of an elite relay team looking to break the course record to help raise funds & awareness of KGF (Karen Green Foundation) with the support of the team at Langdale Lightweights We were well inside & I’ll post a race report this week. Pleased with 2:27 although felt the optimistic early pace later in the run!


Spencer podium – great result! Happy birthday Jo!

Total 129M, av 6:06, 7 1/4hrs XT, weight 62kg.

It was important to have everything back in perfect working order & I felt fine through the week. I also felt confident that my aerobic fitness is at a really good level, so another steady week would do me no harm before pushing on with some faster work now it’s just 9 weeks to the Big Day! Monday & Tuesday will be easier after the weekend & I’ll then be looking at some faster work building towards the target. We’re currently thinking I’m in about 2:20-21 shape off a slight ease-down so progressing nicely.

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