Through the first minor blip

So the slight tightness in my knee became quite painful, & although still able to run it got progressively stiffer after & clearly wasn’t right. I therefore eased right off so as not to carry the issue further into a more important stage of the training. Plenty of self massage, mobilising the joint & generally being careful meant by Thursday afternoon I had a pain free run.

A very low key week, but effectively it just meant bring forward a planned easier week so I’ll now train through Rugby& the Outlaw before kicking on with the next significant block of hard work.

Mon 4/7 – 6M Relaxed. First real issues with the knee so backed off & cut the run short. The joy of gardening instead!!

Tues – cross training only!

Weds – 5M Easy / XT only. Improving, but could still feel it walking.

Thurs – 4M R & XT. Pain free & good pace! Knee still generally tight though.

Fri – 7M R / 8M R & XT

Sat – 11M Steady & XT

Sun – 26M S & XT

Total 75M, av 6:06, 8hrs XT, weight 62.1kg

Mon 11/7 – 8M R

Tues – 9M S & XT / XT only

Weds – 7M R / 12M S & XT

Thurs – 5M E / 12M Tempo @~marathon effort

Fri – 10M S / XT only

Sat – 12M S / 9M S

Sun – 25M inc Rugby HM / 5M R. Not the flat, fast course we had been lead to believe when entering so glad none of us eased off for this! Solo win in 69:22 feeling good at marathon effort with a slight pick up in effort for the last 5K.

Total 115M, av 6:00, 7hrs XT, weight 62.3kg

A bit frustrating to have a minor setback, however it certainly came early enough not to matter too much & my main focus was to get everything back 100% so picked up the cross training & still managed to put in two steady weeks without anything particularly focussed. Aerobic fitness is very good with regular long runs feeling very comfortable, now I just need to get the speed endurance to match that over the next couple of months!

Berlin is 10 weeks this Sunday gone & I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some serious hard work again starting with a good long tempo on Sunday as the run leg of an elite relay team at the Outlaw iron-distance triathlon. The course record should be well within reach & it should be quite an experience (it will also be a novelty to have drinks stations every mile during my long run!).

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