Gradual progression towards the target

Andy is definitely keen to ensure I don’t peak too soon & is holding back some of the sessions so we can try & ensure I continue to build fitness throughout the block of training. Busy weekend really took its toll early in the week as I was shattered, very frustrating to have tiredness holding me back rather than fatigue from training! That should be a rarity in this build up though.

Mon 27th – 5 Relaxed / 6R

Tues – cross training only, shattered.

Weds – 9 Tempo / 14 Steady. Quality day, progressive tempo at 4.30am was tough going but felt good in the evening.

Thurs – 5 S / 18 inc HPP 10K, win(dy!) in 31:41. Planned to pace Mark C to 5K then push on due to wind but with somebody being a bit eager he went through 1M inside 5mm so I carried on at that effort…he didn’t & was over 2 minutes back by the end. Very pleased with time in those conditions considering how I felt beforehand & long day yesterday.

Fri – 7 R / 12 E

Sat – 17 R / 5R

Sun – 26 E. Slightly longer than planned after ending up the wrong side of the A453.

Total 124M, av pace 6:13, 5hrs cross training, weight 62kg.

A steady week ticked off, slight niggle with my knee but seems to be reacting well to some self massage to keep it mobile. I’ll be easing down slightly for Rugby HM on the 17th but not too much. I’m keen to continue getting the quality miles in, & don’t want to put too much into something that isn’t my goal race.

On a side note, Jo is in fine form which is great to see after her nasty back injury last May! Great to see her racing with probably more confidence than ever before.

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