The Outlaw – Course Record

Just before the start of my Berlin prep Andy was contacted by Dan from Langdale Lightweights who were putting together a ‘Dream Team’ to represent the Karen Green Foundation with a view to setting a new course record at The Outlaw, having narrowly missed it in previous years. This is a long distnce (Ironman distance) triathlon with a 2.4M swim, 112M bike & 26.2M run based at Holme Pierrepont. As I’d be looking at 25-30 miles that day anyway with it being 9 weeks to Berlin we agreed we could fit this into my plan & settled on a ~2:30 agreed marathon time to bring the team home. So a hard training run rather than a race, but a weekend that warranted a separate post! Continue reading

Through the first minor blip

So the slight tightness in my knee became quite painful, & although still able to run it got progressively stiffer after & clearly wasn’t right. I therefore eased right off so as not to carry the issue further into a more important stage of the training. Plenty of self massage, mobilising the joint & generally being careful meant by Thursday afternoon I had a pain free run. Continue reading

Gradual progression towards the target

Andy is definitely keen to ensure I don’t peak too soon & is holding back some of the sessions so we can try & ensure I continue to build fitness throughout the block of training. Busy weekend really took its toll early in the week as I was shattered, very frustrating to have tiredness holding me back rather than fatigue from training! That should be a rarity in this build up though. Continue reading