Miles mean smiles (& sleep)

Week 2 of easing into the marathon training & all seems in order! Coming off a good base of consistent training has meant no real soreness from any of the training so far (nothing too fast either!) & being careful to manage the effort so I can make each key run in a state that I can realistically achieve the goal for that run. So far so good.

W/C 13/6

Mon 4M Easy / 7M Relaxed. Planned strides this evening but tight glute/hamstring so just took a fairly easy day.

Tues 20M including Rothley 10K, 1st 32:19. A good workout, hard tempo effort first half, pick up second half. A good tussle with Lew Moses, pulling away in the last 1 1/2-2 miles.Rothley 10K

Pic after ~5miles of Rothley 10K.

Weds 6M R / 11M R. 4.30am first run was tough after a later night than usual!

Thurs 5M E / 10M short session of 10 x 2mins off ~40secs @ 10K pace. Eased back with a few less reps with a hard few days now planned.

Fri 19M inc pacing Notts 10 @ 5:20’s. Slightly slower in the end, but got inside 54 to guarantee Gemma the course record & time bonus. The last 200m – the sprint was needed wit just 3 seconds to spare (no such panic for me):Notts 10

Sat 14M Session / 6M R. Session was 7 x 800m off 2mins, aiming at ~2:16. Happy to get faster through the session to 2:13 & didn’t feel that fast.

Sun 22M R / 5M R

Total 129.3M & 2 1/2hrs XT. Av pace 6:13, weight 62.9kg.

Felt sluggish early in the week (high volume weekend at good pace in very humid conditions), ticked the legs over nicely at Rothley & felt better from there. A good quality week, consciously easing off at Rothley & Thursday to ensure I got through all planned efforts well. Finding some speed to go with the endurance which is good to see! No target mileage & generally expecting just over 100mpw so very surprised to be close to 130 for the week! Enjoyable evening at the Notts 10 pacing Gemma Steel to a big course record & top of the UK rankings. Race footage – , gallery & results –

Weight is on track at last. A bit less running planned next week with a view to freshening up slightly for Sunday’s 10K. Cross training will now be more focussed & I’ll be cutting back on the weights significantly to lose the remaining bulk on my upper body. Feeling good, but tired. Too much on this weekend, & the same next weekend but we’ll be back in a more relaxed routine after that.

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