Marathon week

So although not able to race the London Marathon, with travel sorted well in advance & many friends & family racing we still took the annual trip down!

Before that though a proper week’s training lay in wait.

W/C 18/4

Mon 4.4M Easy / 5.4M Steady

Tues 5.5M E / 11.7M Session – 5 x 3mins, 5 x 2mins, 5 x 1min all off 1min. Pleased with how this went, relaxed effort & getting some spring back in my step.

Weds 5.2M E / 15.3M Steady

Thurs 3M E / 7.3M Inc 4M progressive to ~5:20 but felt harder than I’d like to get to around marathon pace! Still some way to go.

Fri 7.3M Relaxed

Sat 3M E / 7.2M Inc 6 x 45secs off 45secs

Sun 4.2M E & 26.4M London Marathon, relaxed effort. 2:27:40, a pleasant surprise!

Total 105.9M, Av 6:10

Something resembling a proper structured week, albeit with no ground breaking sessions! Very pleasing result from Sunday with the focus being on a relaxed effort so I can push on & train properly through the following week towards Highgate. Clearly I’ve been able to maintain a good level of aerobic fitness, which while it may not bring me anything spectacular at the end of May bodes well for then pushing on with Berlin training from June.

It was good to be able to run London & take everything in again, as well as not being in a world of pain for the last 10K. I genuinely felt I could comfortably continue at that pace for another 10 miles without any concern. And with 2:27 I was still only 4th for Notts AC – great to see such strong runs from those in front & behind with Aaron, Rob & Dale defending our team title from last year (we think!). All indications are that I’m starting to turn the corner & should start to see some more promising results from the sessions I’m putting in.

3 weeks of hard work now before polishing up the spikes for 25 laps.

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