All eyes on London…

…for Highgate 10,000m on the 21st May & London 10K on the 30th May!

After a solid couple of weeks training & working on my tan in Spain I have been able to push on with my training since & fitness is starting to come!

Going from next to no running in February I knew I needed to take a cautious approach to increasing my training load. My mixing several short, relaxed sessions with lots of steady running with my longest runs being ~90mins/16M I was able to gradually pick up fitness through the trip & felt good when we got home!

It was then into some proper training, & as I normally do I was feeling pretty spent over weeks 3-5! Although not entirely surprising given the increase in training load, it is always frustrating at the time when you have a race in the middle of it!

W/C 4/4

Mon – 1.5hrs XT

Tues – 4.3M Easy / 1 3/4hrs XT

Weds – 6.1M E / 9.1M Relaxed after final physio session

Thurs – 4.6M E / 3M E & 1 1/4hrs XT (planned session but glute agony from physio)

Fri – 7.3M R / 5.9M R

Sat – 10.7M R & 2hrs XT / 4.6M R

Sun – 28.1M R / 3M R (3 hours relaxed effort – felt comfortable considering lack of long runs!)

Total 88.7M

W/C 11/4

Mon – 8.1M R

Tues – 3.6M E / 8.6M Session (8 x 3mins, didn’t do strides due to ongoing glute pain – SLOW!)

Weds – 6M E / 10M Steady

Thurs – 5.5M R / 5.5M R

Fri – 4.25M E / 5M R

Sat – 21.1M Inc National 12 Stage long leg. Fitness reality check! L9, chose to close the gap to Morpeth immediately to draft along the top in the wind but blew up as unable to clear the lactate at current fitness level. Worst performance at Sutton Park.

Sun – 23.5M R / 3M E. Final decision made today that I wouldn’t be going to the London marathon for anything more than a long run at a relaxed effort.

Total 104.4M

Pleasing to have put together weeks of 92, 104, 89 & 104 while introducing more quality at the same time. This week will be another 100+ week & it’s through a consistent block of ~100mpw that my fitness really picks up. Sessions are coming along now as are the long runs. It will be back to 2 sessions, a tempo workout & long run each week now to peak for the end of May!

It’s been a long struggle coming back from the niggling glute issue, but it feels great to be training properly at last & I’m looking forward to seeing what level I can get to for these races before refocussing on a more marathon specific for Berlin.

N.b. I will be running the London marathon on Sunday. I won’t be racing, & it will be a relaxed effort. By no means will it be fast in relative terms to the time I had in mind at the turn of the year. To quantify that, If I run 2:35 that will be at least 17 minutes slower than planned – or 12.3%. For somebody looking to run 3:30, that would be 3:56!

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