Vitamin D does the trick!

Coming off The Hague & making progress with my glute trouble I was happy to be travelling to Spain with a view to putting in some more structured training at last!

We’d originally booked two weeks next to Sports City in Torrevieja as a training trip for the final push to the London Marathon. Clearly given my troubles earlier in the year this was no longer the case, so the trip took on a slightly more relaxed holiday feel although the focus remained on getting fitter & doing plenty of rehab!

W/C 14/3 – 61.7M + 5 1/2hrs XT. Including an introductory session on the Saturday which went well. Eased into the week gently to ensure I was able to run as much as possible when we got to Spain on Friday.

W/C 21/3 – 91.5M + 7hrs XT. Including a good quality long run on Monday & quality sessions on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Pleased with the volume considering I took Friday as a full rest day.

W/C 28/3 – 103.8M + 5.5hrs XT. Another pleasing week, a good session on Monday, quality longer run Tuesday & a short sharp session on Wednesday before easing off for the last couple of days. Travelling back was a disaster though as the M1 was closed, so having left the apartment at 8.30pm we arrived home at 5am! 2 hours in bed, then up for a run to pick up some breakfast ahead of the Midland 12 Stage. Pleased with my run considering I’d been carrying a bug for the last week & was so tired. Frustrating to come away with bronze when we were so close to winning despite a very depleted team. Loughborough Half as part of a long run on Sunday morning, winning by nearly 10 minutes to make it a hat trick despite running a very conservative pace.

I’ve definitely returned from Spain fitter than when I went, & considering I ran 31:15 off a month of cross training I’m optimistic that with a focussed build up I can at last get close to 30 minutes at Highgate & the London 10K in May. Jo is in good shape too, so a good race at Lincoln in a couple of weeks looks to be on.

In a way it was good to make the trip without any pressure on the training & there are definitely a few things to change when we do the same again, but this was as much a holiday/break as a training camp in the end.

6 weeks to Highgate – there is sure to me some hard work to come over the next 5 weeks. I can’t wait to get stuck in at last!

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