All eyes on London…

…for Highgate 10,000m on the 21st May & London 10K on the 30th May!

After a solid couple of weeks training & working on my tan in Spain I have been able to push on with my training since & fitness is starting to come!

Going from next to no running in February I knew I needed to take a cautious approach to increasing my training load. My mixing several short, relaxed sessions with lots of steady running with my longest runs being ~90mins/16M I was able to gradually pick up fitness through the trip & felt good when we got home!

It was then into some proper training, & as I normally do I was feeling pretty spent over weeks 3-5! Although not entirely surprising given the increase in training load, it is always frustrating at the time when you have a race in the middle of it! Continue reading

Vitamin D does the trick!

Coming off The Hague & making progress with my glute trouble I was happy to be travelling to Spain with a view to putting in some more structured training at last!

We’d originally booked two weeks next to Sports City in Torrevieja as a training trip for the final push to the London Marathon. Clearly given my troubles earlier in the year this was no longer the case, so the trip took on a slightly more relaxed holiday feel although the focus remained on getting fitter & doing plenty of rehab! Continue reading